The Georgetown Working League gives a grant to the Fire

Department to supply free house numbers

while the supply lasts !!!     

 "Together we can make our community safer.”  Hmmm, what does that have to do with house numbers?  Read on. . . .

This short article appeared in the December TIDE:

A Dark and Stormy Night

"The ambulance is making its way down an icy Georgetown road.  It is your road!  The ambulance driver is looking for your house, but cannot see your house number and drives right by, TWICE!!  You love your long driveway and house tucked in away from the road.  You even love the adorable little house numbers you put up next to your front door . . . "

We can help!  The Age Friendly Community Group in collaboration with the Georgetown Fire Department is spearheading the "House Number Project."  Folks on the Fire Department suggest 5 inch reflective numbers that can easily be seen from the road.  If you are interested in having a house number re-do, let us know.  We will buy the supplies, do all the labor including mounting of numbers and will work with you to find the best location to met your needs and the Fire Department guidelines. To start the project, the cost will be covered by a grant, generously given by the Georgetown Working League.  We will begin work after the Holidays.  Call Sheila McCandless at 522-5359, leave your name and a phone number.  First come, first served, so get your name on the list!  PLEASE do not call the Fire Department unless you have an emergency.



a sampling of our balsam "pillows"

GWL Fair is August 10th 2019!

Listen to us singing the praises of Reny's!


Working Leaguers gathered on the Town Dock to record a Reny's commercial!


If you are from around here, you know Reny's has some charming short clips of local folks singing the praises of this Maine department store.  If you come to Maine, you have to visit Reny's!!