Happy New Year to our Friends Near and Far!

Stay tuned as we begin work on our quilt for 2020

Deadline for Scholarships Application is 

April 15th for the 1920-21 academic year

Applications for our scholarships will be posted on the scholarship page

February 1st

Above is seaside center panel of "Garden by the Sea" 2019

Congratulations to Gina Longbottom of Georgetown !!

Winner of our 2019 Quilt

Thank you to all who supported our fundraising effort!


Fourth of July 2019!  Flower Power with a nod to

fifty years ago, 1969 . . .


A message from Ellen Browning, our GWL President:

Please join us!

A small town is made up of many parts, and one of these is the Georgetown Working League. Begun as an auxiliary of the First Baptist Church 106 years ago, we have evolved over the decades. Today we are an integral part of our community.

Our organization has an annual fair in August. It is our major fundraiser supporting many institutions and activities in Georgetown, especially the awarding of scholarships to residents. The Georgetown Working League funds two of these scholarships while administering others that have been established by Georgetown residents.

We are enthusiastic to have newcomers join us--even if you just want to “dip your toe in the water” to see how much fun we have while we make our contributions to Georgetown.

The quilters and handcraft women meet on Mondays at the Georgetown Community Center, from about 9:30 AM to noon.  You do not need to know how to sew! If you want to learn, we will help you.  Or if you just want to chat, that will work as well.

League meetings are at the Georgetown Community Center on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, from 9:30 AM until noon.  The business meeting is on the second Tuesday. The fourth Tuesday is devoted to various projects, including picking balsam for our balsam bags—important sale items at the annual Fair.

We look forward to welcoming you. Please note: our dues are only $2.00 per year.

Listen to us singing the praises of Reny's!

Working Leaguers gathered on the Town Dock to record a Reny's commercial!


If you are from around here, you know Reny's has some charming short clips of local folks singing the praises of this Maine department store. If you come to Maine, you have to visit Reny's!!